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California Auto Insurance

Affordable Auto Insurance

Car Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Coverage for Any Driver

We offer a variety of coverage options for ANY DRIVER in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the Inland Empire and all Southern California. Reliable Insurance has the best services to choose from based on your special needs.

LOWEST rates for new drivers. NO ONE IS REFUSED!

AFFORDABLE Auto Insurance Rates

At Reliable Insurance, we shop around and guarantee you the absolute LOWEST rates. Also, you will receive PROFESSIONAL service from our trained agents while receiving fast and reliable coverage for your new or pre-owned vehicle. Call now for a no-obligation quote (661)310-0838.   get a quote online here.


Ask about bundling homeowners/renters

with your auto for a discount!

  • Liability auto insurance (required by law)

  • Physical damage auto insurance coverage (fire, theft, vandalism)

  • Full coverage auto insurance (liability-comprehensive, theft, and collision insurance)

  • Windshield replacement (if applicable)

  • Roadside assistance

  • Good driver discounts

  • SR 22 filings

  • Immediate coverage

  • California young drivers insurance

  • Any car, any driver

  • Professional attention


How long do I have to have an SR-22?

SR-22's are commonly required for a minimum of 3 years

What happens if I lie about my driving history?
If you lie about your driving history, the DMV reports that you are committing what is known as “soft fraud.” If you do lie, the insurance company can deny you services and cancel your coverage.

RV Insurance

Do I really have to pay for insurance on my RV or motorhome when I'm not even using it? Like, when it's put away for months during the off-season?

A: Some carriers offer what's called the "Storage Option" which allows you to pay a reduced premium during the months your RV is in storage, or not being used. Customers can save as much as 53% off their premium during the months they're not using their RV.

Types of Coverage

Are there different insurance coverage types?

A: Yes, there are different insurance coverage types and they are as follows: Bodily Liability, Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive, Collision and Uninsured & Underinsured.


Q: Will my red car make my insurance bills more expensive?
A: No. This is a myth. Driving a red-colored vehicle does not make your insurance premiums more expensive than other colored vehicles.

Q: Will auto insurance companies share my information with each other?
A: Yes. Auto insurance companies will share your insurance claims history with each other.

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